Phosphoric Acid In A Cocktail?

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So how cool would it be to serve your guests a drink with phosphoric acid in it? Okay, maybe a little scary, but let me explain.

In one of the cocktails in Historic Cocktails, the recipe calls for Acid Phosphate which is a liquid suspension of Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate in water. The other mineral salts buffer the phosphoric acid so that it isn’t dangerously acidic, yet it still adds that tart dryness which will make your cocktail stand out from those made with citrus.

Acid Phosphate was considered a health tonic in its day, which is no surprise now – just look at all those essential minerals it boasts! It was used as a substitute for lemon or lime juice when citrus was scarce. Now citrus is plentiful and we will have to special order our Acid Phosphate. We could still substitute with lemon juice, but the lemon would compete with the other flavors of the cocktail, not letting them be fully enjoyed.

So just to repeat, so we are clear – never use straight phosphoric acid in your cocktails! Use the buffered phosphoric acid in Acid Phosphate so that it is not harmful. Straight phosphoric acid will cause injury. Depending on the manufacturer, the Acid Phosphate you order may appear cloudy, but not to worry, any undissolved salts do not affect the taste or efficacy of the product. So place your special order today – your Acid Phosphate bottle will last you years of excellent cocktails.

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