The Black Cow Cocktail

black cowWhile there may be many recipes for a Black Cow Cocktail, the one which appears in Historic Cocktails is a non-alcoholic version. It calls for Sarsaparilla and Cream over ice and it may have been ordered for its rejuvenative qualities. Sarsaparilla is a plant native to America and the beverage is derived from the woody vine or root of the plant. The plant was, and still is, believed to help with respiratory disorders and upset stomach. It was also touted as a remedy for skin and blood problems. It has a flavor similar to root beer. It was popular in the old west and characters in many Westerns have been known to order it instead of whiskey or beer. Read more about classic cocktail ingredients and their health benefits in Historic Cocktails which is available now at

How to make a BLACK COW Cocktail:

Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice. Add:

2 jiggers of Cream.
1 bottle Sarsaparilla soda.

Stir well and serve with Straws.


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